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We have finished out the school year. Thank you to all who supported our committee!!

The booster minutes will now always be posted right here from the last meeting. If you would like them e-mailed to you just send us an e-mail and we will get a copy to you ASAP.

Stay tuned for the first meeting of the new school year! We hope you all have a great summer!



**Also a BIG thank you to all of our sponsors, without you none of this would be possible!!**




5-21-14 Booster Meeting Minutes

  • Welcome/Introduction/Prayer

    • Attendee’s at the meeting were: Stacy Brew, Dick Pyrett, Diane Martindale, Jennifer Martin, Melanie Bednarski, Abby Corcoran, Kathy Bronson, Pam Sanchez, Liana Choate, Amanda Hayes, Mark Callahan, Trina Lucas, Ashtian Holbin, and Shawna Myers.

    • Minutes from April’s meetings were passed around and a new idea was announced for future minutes. The minutes will be posted under the Booster Tab on the internet. This will be so that anyone who was unable to attend the meeting is able to instantly see on-line what they missed and papers won’t have to be printed out and wasted.

  • Homeroom Parent Reps

    • They had nothing new to report. New ideas for improvement will be discussed at the first meeting in the Fall.

  • BIngo Update

    • A bingo information packet was passed around and can be e-mailed to anyone interested in the bingo program. After all of the information was discussed the Bingo Committee asked for a $3500 donation to get the Bingo Night up and running, this was along with a generous $652 donation made by a family of a St. Mary’s student.

    • The Booster’s approved the donation, Abby Corcoran motioned this and Trina Lucas seconded the motion.

    • It was also stated that this was a donation and no payback was necessary.

  • Financial Report

    • A final financial report was made available to all attendee’s.

    • A request from Power’s was put in for a donation to their “Substance Free Grad Party”. A motion of a $100 donation was made by Ashtian Holbin and Jenni Martin 2nd it.

    • Discussion of what to do with the Booster funds for next year was began.

      • It was brought up that the teachers would like their $200 supply money before school starts in the Fall.

      • Anna Larzalere would also like her $500 Teacher Grant before school starts as well, so that she can set up her brand new 3rd grade classroom and have it ready for the long-term substitute.

      • Mark Callahan will let the Booster’s know if he needs more than the $200 supply money to get his new split classroom ready.

      • The library will also receive $200 to spend on supplies.

      • We are giving Diane Martindale $13,000, $5,000 of it for the summer which will be used on iPads, update to Windows 7, playground and yard updates, and site fees.

      • We discussed the sign in front of the church but the finance council is handling this and Father Tom is still looking at bids.

      • These were all approved by everyone in attendance and motioned by Mel Bednarski and 2nd by Abby Corcoran.

  • Teacher Appreciation Week

    • It went well this year and the library is still being finished.

    • Next year, Abby Corcoran will be taking this week over and Mel Bednarski will be stepping down.

  • 2014/2015 Elections

    • Elections occured and the following were elected

      • Homeroom Parents:

        • Pre-K-

        • Kindergarten- Abby Corcoran

        • 1st Grade- Liana Choate

        • 2nd Grade- Jodi Kern

        • 3rd Grade- Pam Sanchez

        • 4th Grade- Kathy Bronson

        • 5th Grade- Stacy Brew

        • 6th Grade- Pam Sanchez

        • 7th Grade-

        • 8th Grade- Jana Walser

      • President- Robbie Waclawski

      • Vice President- Kathy Bronson

      • Secretary- Ashtian Holbin

      • Treasurer- Jenni Martin

      • Member at Large- Trina Lucas

    • These elections were motioned by Mel Bednarski and 2nd by Abby Corcoran and approved by all in attendance.

  • Extra Stuff

    • The library was discussed and is progressing well. They are currently stickering the books and the library will soon be put back together.

    • The Holy Redeemer festival was finalized and Boosters will be paying for all students and teachers.

    • Golf outing was discussed and this is being coordinated by Shawna Myers and Dick Pyrett.

      • Robbie Waclawski will be going to Tim Horton’s to ask for the donut and coffee donation as they got last year.

      • Donations are needed. We lost a $500 donation so more are needed.

        • Whoever donates $500 will also receive a 4 person ticket entry.

      • Barrel of Booze needs donations as well.

      • We have 50/50 raffle tickets for this event downstairs in the closet.

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