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Hatchett Happenings
This week:
This week we learned about the letter Oo.  With our first full week of school  since the holidays we have had to spend a little time catching up on classroom procedures and  classroom rules.  We read the book How Full is Your Bucket  this is a great story that talks about how to be kind to others and choosing happiness (on a level that the kids are able to understand.)  We will be adding a classroom bucket to help encourage them as well. Due to the weather conditions we were only able to  go outside with our afternoon students once this week.  With this lack of important large motor activities we have been focusing on  making sure to provide extra opportunity for large motor growth.  For example, extra trips to the gym, classroom large group games as well as exercise and stretching.  I  am also working with the kids and teaching them quick brain breaks.  There are many different kinds.  I have been using these particular videos found on this Hopefully soon we will be able to get much needed fresh air.
Next Week
Next week we will be learning he letter Vv.  Vis is for Valentine.  Our party will be on Wednesday Feb. 12th.  We will be having  a build your own ice cream sundae  at the snack table  as well as valentine activities throughout the classroom.  If your child would like to pass out Valentine cards to their friends they  will be able to during playtime as well.  Here is a list of names.  You may choose to write a name on each or just put to “my friend” either way is fine. J
Licensing Rules
Some of you may have noticed our two visitors on Wednesday morning.  Since we are a licensed  preschool through the State of Michigan  we receive unannounced  consultant visits.  I am happy to say they were very pleased with our program as well as our latchkey services.   Unfortunately there will be a slight change in our snack method.  Starting in March,  parents will be required to pack a snack for their child each day.    This should be a small snack (any reasonably healthy choice) that your child may consume within a 10 minute or so time frame.  If your child attends FULL DAY you will be required to bring in two small snacks.  So these snacks do not get confused with lunch items I am asking that you please put them in a brown lunch sack labeled with their name EACH DAY.  Due to limited space I am unable to store extra items for each student.    I do understand that this may add a little more to your morning routine but I am hoping this change will be an easy one for all!  Also please note that I do have access to a fridge if needed.  The good news is that the snack donations that you have all brought in should last right up until March J.
Also, next week I will be giving you a form to sign stating that our licensing notebook is available for you to view regarding any changes or corrections made to our  program.
Thank you for your understanding.
DDA News:
Thank you  to all who were able to donate $10.00 towards our  auction basket and classroom project.  We will still be accepting donations up until Wednesday the 12th.  So far we also have 6 books donated !  The bench will be in our room next week for the children to paint  if you would like to see it.  Also, that night while you are bidding on the baskets you may want to check out the AWESOME item that Mrs. Harkins and I are also auctioning off. ~wink.    We will be auctioning off  2 hours of babysitting at your home.  Take a worry free break, go shopping or out to eat while we hang out with your kids. J Snack and a fun activity provided.  Good Luck.
Book Homework
Your child is now ready for our ‘book homework’ –a book to read each week (in place of name writing folder):
☻Your child will get a new book each Friday
☻Please read this each night with your child- you read to your child until he is confident to “read” to you.  It is ok if he does not read it perfectly or if he is only memorizing the book and/or looking at pictures!  Perfection is not the key (see goals below).
☻There will be a new sign in sheet stapled inside of your regular Friday folder.  Please sign this each week if your child has heard and/or ‘read’ the book at least 4 times, as we will be using it in class as well and checking to see if your child is familiar with it.  After three signatures (three weeks), your child will receive a prize for their dedication to reading and learning responsibility.   You can return the signed sheet (w/ Friday Folder) anytime during the week (M-Th) once you are finished with the reading.  We will then give you your Folder on Friday as usual.
☻Keep the book so you can create a library of books your child is able to read.  Return only the folder with signature each week.
GOALS→ your child will gain confidence/experience with……
- Reading, even if she is just memorizing the books (that’s okay)!
- Reading form left to right.
- Pictures in a book and how they help him to understand the story better.
- Learning that reading is fun!
- Holding a book, and learning terms like: front cover, back cover, page, author, title, etc.
- Turning pages correctly
Please remember NO SCHOOL Friday Feb. 14th or Monday Feb. 17th.

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