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Fund Raising


Clip Box Tops logos from more than 300 participating products (Pillsbury, Big G, Betty Crocker, Yoplait, Go-GURT, Old El Paso, Lloyd's, Green Giant, Totino's, Bisquick, and many more). Turn them into the office or have your child give them to their teacher. Click on the heading above for a complete list of products. Also check out the Box Top Marketplace to do your online shopping. Don't forget your SCRIP certificates!


Millions of empty printer cartridges fill our land fills each year. St. Mary's School can now help save the environment by collecting these items and at the same time earn FREE classroom supplies, playground and recreational equipment. Funding factory accepts ink and laser cartridges used in both the home and office. A drop off box is located outside of the school office. For a complete list of returnable products click on the heading above.


How does the Kroger Community Rewards Program Work?
Families can earn 5% of Kroger purchases back toward their tuition or to
the general school fund by linking their Kroger Plus Cards to St. Mary.
Exclusions include: alcohol, tobacco, government-assisted pharmacy
expenses, postage stamps, Kroger gift cards, Green Dot Prepaid Cards, gift
certificates, bottle deposits, lottery tickets, promotional tickets, fuel,
fuel center purchases, office services and Sales Tax. Eligible Pharmacy
purchases includes "out-of-pocket" co-pays for non-government-assisted
pharmacy programs.
How do I register my Kroger Plus card on-line to link to St. Mary?
First, you must have an email address in order to register your Kroger
Plus Card.
Go to and Click on “Michigan”.
Click on “enroll” then, Click on “Sign up today”.
Enter the required information and click on “confirm” at the bottom of
each page.
You will be directed to go to your email and click on a link provided by
email from Kroger to activate your account.
Log into your account using the password you just created.
Click on “Edit Kroger Community Rewards Information”
Enter your Kroger Plus Card Number and click “save changes”.
Edit your personal information and click “save changes”. *IMPORTANT TO DO
Enter St. Mary’s organization number 83010 and click on “Search”.
Select St. Mary  and click “save change
I have already registered my Kroger Plus Card - do I have to do this again?
Yes. Each new program year begins May 1st. Kroger requires all individuals
wishing to participate to re-enroll every year. You can begin re-enrolling
April 1st each year.
How do I re-register my Kroger Plus Card to St. Mary?
Go to and sign in.
Click on “Edit Kroger Community Rewards Information”
Enter St. Mary’s organization number 83010 and click on “Search”.
Select St. Mary  and click “save change
Important: Be sure your contact information is correct. If your name is
not completed please be sure to update your contact information so we can
apply your rewards to the correct student tuition.
What if I do not have access to a computer or have an email account?
Call the school office with your Kroger Plus Card number and your name and
they can get you linked.
When are my Rewards applied to my tuition?
Quarterly. You will be mailed a quarterly earnings report showing the
total amount applied to your student(s) tuition for
the noted quarter. Quarters are as follows: May – July; August – October;
November – January; February – April.
How do I know if I am successfully linked or re-linked?
You should see the following notation at the bottom of your Kroger
receipt, "At your request, Kroger is donating to St. Mary”. If this does
not appear within 7-10 of registering or re-enrolling your card please
1-877-576-7587 to speak with a Kroger representative.

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