Pre-K Through 8th Grade


About St. Mary School

We are the oldest Catholic school in Genesee County and take pride in the success of a comprehensive program. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to providing your child with a quality, faith-based education. We strive to balance academic excellence, religious instruction, and athletic development, to provide for a well-rounded student with the necessary tools to survive in the modern world. Our educational program is professional, cost effective, and aware of parental budgets.


St. Mary’s offers a faith centered curriculum for Pre-K through 8th grade children. With class sizes on the rise in many Michigan schools, we take pride in a learning environment that nurtures the individual and specific needs of each child. Our highly qualified teachers work to implement research based instructional methods that help all students excel. In addition, we aim to develop the impeccable character of our students. Children at St. Mary’s are eager to learn and are role models to others demonstrating values of honesty, respect, and kindness.

St. Mary's Catholic School is your local source for educational and religious instruction in the East Central region of Michigan. Please contact our office to register your child or to learn more about the opportunities we will provide to your future “Shamrock.”



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