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I need to open up conversation that is difficult for most to come face to face with. We have been blessed in our school never to experience the unacceptable act(s) of sexual abuse. However, in today's society, we are required as responsible family members to receive education on this issue and to maintain the safe environment we all enjoy now. We are also blessed to have the tools and resources to understand how to identify,assist and deal with these type of issues.

Among Saint Mary School’s basic principles is the active involvement of its school parents and guardians. Through participation in a variety of activities, the school’s parents and guardians are instrumental to the school’s vitality and to the growth of its children. The parent participation program respects the diversity of the talent pool represented by our school parents and invites each to share according to his/her own gifts.

As adopted by Diocese of Lansing and other schools in our area, we will be launching a new required program called "Protecting God's Children". This program will involve anyone who plans to be around children in our school. Activities would include,but not limited to:

morning traffic safety monitoring
lunch time yard duty
field trip supervision
any activity in support of a fundraiser
additional activities in support of after school hour programs

In order to have full participation of the program we will be holding the program here at our school.

Below you will find more information on the program and how to sign up.

Diane Martindale

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Introducing the Protecting God's Children™ Program

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The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc., is pleased to present a brief introduction to our Protecting God's Children program. This "Flash" presentation exemplifies the information provided in our child sexual abuse awareness sessions for adults. If you have attended an awareness session, this presentation will repeat some of the information presented in our two awareness videos: A Time to Protect God's Children and A Plan to Protect God's Children.

If you have not attended a Protecting God's Children awareness session, please click the link below to start the 11-minute presentation. If you have questions or comments about our programs or our website, please click here to send us an email message. And, either way, please visit our website frequently. New risk management information is added each week, with an emphasis on articles and interactive features designed to increase the public awareness about child sexual abuse, and to provide adults with the knowledge and tools they need to help prevent and, if necessary, to respond appropriately to child sexual abuse.

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