Pre-K Through 8th Grade


PK4: Mrs. Rozboril

Welcome to My Page

Educational Background
    I started my education at Otisville Elementary for TK and Kindergarten then thankfully found the money to send me and my brothers to St. Thomas Moore Academy. I went there from first grade through 5th grade. From there I traveled to LakeVille Middle School and then on to finish my career at LakeVille High School. After I was accepted to the University of Michigan Flint I worked very hard at my degree in Elementary Education and graduated in December of 2009 with my Bachelor’s Degree. Right now I am working towards my Master’s Degree from Marygrove College. I am working towards a Master’s in Reading and Literacy.

Teaching Certificate / Endorsements

    I earned my Teaching certificate through my Bachelor’s and taking my Elementary teaching test through the state of Michigan. I have a triple minor in Language Arts, Social Studies and Early Elementary. I have a ZA endorsement so I am able to teach as young as preschool. I worked to gain this endorsement because I love working with the little ones.

Classes / Grades I teach

    During my student teaching I worked in two different grades. I worked half my time in Kindergarten and the other half with second graders. I got my real start here at St. Mary’s five years ago when I got hired to teach first grade in 2010. I was incredibly lucky and I taught first grade for my first four years here and then I moved down to Kindergarten my fifth year in 2014. I teach all the subjects and get to be with my little ones all day long. My favorite subject is religion so I can talk about my faith.

    I love to read and relax at home with my family. My family likes to take walks in the park with our dog Butters. I love to play board games, especially dominoes. One of my perfect evenings is spending time cuddling on the couch with my little Olivia and watching a movie. I am a Disney fanatic. I have so many Disney movies and feel like a kid at heart every time a new one comes out I can’t wait to see it. One I hope to take a trip down to Disney so Olivia, Sean and I can share the experience and love of Disney. I love to go camping, we have a huge trailer that we just bought and camp as many times as we can during the summer months. Our goal is to camp at all the state parks in Michigan.

Personal Info
    I am a middle child out of five and I am very close to my family. I am married to my wonderful husband for the last almost 7 years and he is my best friend. I have one child that God has blessed us with and her name is Olivia. She is a fun loving, fast moving 19 month old. I love her more than I can say. My birthday is September 9th.

Teaching Philosophy
      I believe that there is not just one way to teacher a child, because they are all unique and learn in different ways. It is my job to teach to the whole child, to reach them down to their very big hearts so that they can become a whole person later on. Their time with me is precious in the way that I help guide and teach them through every emotional and academic moment, whether it is positive or negative. My classroom is a safe and loving environment where no question is silly and every thought is to be encouraged and cultivated. I believe that I my job is never perfected nor is it down to a science because my students needs change daily. It is my job to collaborate and learn with other teachers so we can find the best practices for our students. I want my students to find a love for learning, to take an ownership and have a sense of pride in all that they do.